Tuesday, April 14, 2009

isaac speaks

yesterday was a long day for Isaac.  he was in his Montessori class from 8 till 11.30..then he had lunch and spent several hours in the extended day program.  at 3pm he went to an art class he is taking for the next few weeks.  when i picked him up at 4pm he was a little foggy with tired.

when we came home he had a snack and i asked him about the day.  here's the dialogue that followed:

isaac:  (long pause)

geoff:  are you okay, buddy?

isaac:  (concerned expression on his face) do you know why i look angry and sad at the same time?

geoff:  no.

isaac:  because i just spent 7 hours at school and there was so much talking i have a head ache.

(long pause - geoff trying not to laugh)

...and there were 6000 or more people talking to me today.  it's too much.


he recovered later in the afternoon and was excited to be back into the fray this morning as i took him to school.

here's a picture of him in his Easter Sunday best.



WITWATW said...

Poor little fella. Uncle Sandy in particular could relate. He says almost the exact same thing to me when he comes home from work every day (headache/ too many people to talk too/ 'TOO MUCH"). But he gets paid for it. Hang in their Isaac, and I hope those 6000 people realize you need a bit of quite during the day!

Marie Eldridge said...

Isaac is a hoot! I LOVE is little comments he makes!

aseel said...

What a smart boy! He says the greatest things...and he's most handsome too :)