Thursday, April 30, 2009

new trees

this week we fulfilled a long-brewing hope by planting four fruit trees in our backyard.  slowly, over the last five years of owning this place, we've pushed out the garden boundaries and imagined the most from a small urban space.  the most precious tree we introduced to the garden came from our friends Dragana and Navenka.  it is a well-developed, 10 foot purple plum, a variety from Bosnia. 

the ordinary radicals - 10/16

backyard tree planting


the other three (so far) are another plum, an asian pear (hosui), and a sour cherry (montmorency).  in terms of sustainability and fidelity to place, it is a big and loving step toward long-term stewardship for this part of God's earth. 

backyard tree planting

backyard tree planting

backyard tree planting


Rona Roberts said...

Precious, beautiful, promising, optimistic photos and post! Thank you, sweet neighbors.

Tim Jeffries said...

Ohhhhh nice. We are just about to plant fruit trees in our front yard. We don't have heaps of space but I'm hoping to have a micro orchard in one corner.

Keep up the good growing. Love your work.