Saturday, July 4, 2009

our 4th of july holiday


by 7.30 this morning, geoff was running down the streets of lexington in the bluegrass 10,oo0.  without much training, he manage to finish this 10K in under 50 minutes.  while he was working hard, karen, isaac and i wandered through the farmer's market and purchased produce for the day.

for lunch, we grilled hot dogs (the terrible but ideal july 4th food) and enjoyed fresh kentucky corn and purple cabbage coleslaw.  geoff and i finally returned to the infrastructure tasks in the garden and today we manage to complete 1/2 the brick path that dissects our potager-style plots.

after a shower and an afternoon nap (and once the other three of the house returned from the downtown parade) we relaxed with the newspaper.  as we sat at the kitchen table with our large window open to the back garden, we heard a neighborhood boy exclaim as he walked past, "man, they've got crops!"

we walked one block to share an evening meal with our most special neighbors, steve and rona, and the koch family.  rona delighted us with the tastiest cornbread leftovers.  jodie baked an outstanding corn and basil tart and we contributed subie's famous vidalia onion dip, sunrise bakery bread, and a raw beet salad.  for dessert, we savored every mouthful of rona's homemade ice cream -  black raspberry (reed valley orchard) and vanilla buttermilk (with fresh local milk).

the garden was watered in the late afternoon by a sweet shower and i don't think the temperature rose above 75 F.  i can't remember a more pleasant 4th of july.



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WITWATW said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Missing you guys. Kath is on her way....i said i would try to plan to come with her next time. Would be TOO much fun. xxxx