Thursday, December 3, 2009

goings on

it has been tooooo long since our last post.  sorry about that.  it has been a beautiful and full month.  here are some illustrated highlights. (see our flickr page for more pictures)

side path

we built a path along the east side of our's sherry working hard.

thanksgiving at the samsons

we celebrated thanksgiving at the Samsons house with a wonderful crowd of people including one of our neighbors, Ms D and Dino, Aida, and Tarik (here's sherry, D, Aida, and Geoff)

high st house

we kicked off the series of Advent sunday gatherings at communality.

wide angle into the light

we're making time to enjoy downtown morning walks on these brisk Fall's isaac and sherry leaping across the street.


the autumnal leaves have fallen to the ground but God still sends us color to enjoy in our backyard.

IMMAG tree lighting

we celebrated the first east end (our neighborhood) tree lighting with friends, neighbors, and city officials.  here's sherry (below) with our neighbor, Judge enjoying some hot apple cider at the tree lighting.

IMMAG tree lighting

restore voting rights

...and last night we enjoyed fellowship with several hundred people at an event promoting the voting rights of former felons (in kentucky, even after you have served your time, it is very difficult to regain the right to vote - Virginia is the only other state with such laws).  it was a heavenly gathering of choirs and solo singers giving thanks to God and promoting restoration and forgiveness.

restore voting rights

restore voting rights

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