Friday, July 16, 2010

the Turners of London

we are in hospitality heaven at the moment hosting some of our dearest (but most distant…geographically) friends – the Turner family from England.  we are cherishing the chance to share our beloved Kentucky with these dear ones who have hosted us countless times in their home across the Atlantic.  we picked them up from the airport after their whirlwind 4 days in NY city.  they leave us next Wednesday for further US adventures out west (San Francisco and two weeks in campervan exploring the wild west).   Millie is our Goddaughter and the day they arrived was her birthday so the reunion celebration was all the more special – we gave her a USA-style birthday chocolate chip cookie cake.

Turners of London-51.jpg

Turners of London-49.jpg

Turners of London-38.jpg

Turners of London-13.jpg

Turners of London-19.jpg

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Ignorio Nonadie said...

Visiting your blog by chance. Nice nice pics.