Thursday, August 12, 2010

first day of school

isaac has completed his first day of traditional school.  after 3 years in the wonderful Montessori classroom isaac began first grade at Ashland (a public elementary school about eight blocks from our home).  he had a great day and was full of stories when we picked  him up.  especially good to have kath (Geoff’s mum) here to help with the transition.

here we are having some ice cream to celebrate the end of the first day.

kath's visit-23.jpg

kath's visit-16.jpg

kath's visit-15.jpg

kath's visit-13.jpg


and here he is on day two with grandma out the front of Ashland.

kath's visit-2.jpg


dwain said...

what a handsome little scholar. do they have a uniform?

geoff and sherry said...

just solid colored shirt with a collar and khaki shorts. he is enjoying the classroom experience.

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