Tuesday, February 6, 2007

australians and their beach

it is no overblown stereotype - australians love to be outdoors and go to the beach.  it is as if it is written across their dna.  on any given day around 5 pm, after school or work, they flood the beaches - families, surfers, retirees.  on saturday, we rode our bikes from home along a nature reserve footpath to the local beach (a seven minute drive, 25 minute bike ride).  the weather was stunning, 75 degrees with piercing blue skies.  by no means was the beach overcrowded, yet is was brimming with happy people in their sun hats and umbrellas.  we stopped at the park across from the beach and i sat under a grand morton bay fig tree (looks like a magnolia with a 40 foot canopy and its roots above ground) as geoff went to the shops and isaac played.  as i watched isaac, i noticed that people were stretched out in every direction playing cards, sleeping on blankets, eating picnics of fish and chips.  They were filling up outdoor space and soaking it in with such ease; I was envious of such a disposition. 

repeatedly, geoff and i have observed and remarked about how similar parts of australian culture are to what we know of bosnians.  both love the water (the sea), outdoor sidewalk cafes, good coffee, and relaxing for hours in the company of one another.  our dear friends aida and dino are on our minds and we wish we could transport them here with us just for a day like this.

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