Tuesday, February 6, 2007

mum and dad

DSC_7257_edited-1for those of you who might be interested but don't know, this is my mum and dad.  they are missionary heroes to me and increasingly so as i get older and better understand the struggles and joys of life.  they are country people who left dairy farming in the middle of their lives to move into melbourne.  dad is field director for prison fellowship (pf) in victoria which means he spends most of each week in jails in a chaplaincy role.  he also does work in the court system and with families of inmates while training and equipping pf volunteers.  mum was a nurse who has gone back to school in recent years to train as a hospital chaplain.  she currenlty works in a local cancer hospital while also serving on the pastoral staff at their church.  while we are here they will be teaching us about sustainable service - how they have managed to remain faithful to the loving and just ways of jesus over so many years while caring for others and leading them into the same kind of living.


Maria Kenney said...

They are heroes and saints to many here in Lexington. Wish we could be there with y'all.

WITWATW said...

...and they are just so cute. xxxxx

Dick said...

It is great to know a bit about your parents.....have been wanting to suggest that you blog some info about them! (And now, the rest of your Aussie family.....!)