Tuesday, February 6, 2007

turkish BLT

mmm, mmm good.  our favorite new sanger (aussie slang for sandwich) is bacon, lettuce and tomato on turkish bread.  it's hard to believe i was a vegetarian for 10 years.  we start with fresh-cut butcher bacon from the market (it very similar to canadian or english bacon) fried up brown, sliced tomatoes from kath or marg's garden, lettuce and a little mayo and alot of sea salt.  we just had one for lunch.


Maria Kenney said...

That would have gone perfectly with the fire-roasted veggie soup I just had at 3rd St Stuff. How are we so lucky to live as well as this?

the hambricks said...

what????!!!!?? you're not a veggie anymore???

geoff and sherry said...

yes, my dear friend, three years ago when we were here with isaac as a baby, these meat loving barbarians had their way with me and i've never been the same. sorry to disappoint, really happy to see your comments. lots of love.