Friday, February 23, 2007

a chance to sew

i attended my first sewing class this afternoon. when kath told me about a local shop that offers beginners classes i was thrilled. as laura knows, i've wanted to sew for years and i've tried to find a class in lexington with no success . this program is really flexible - you can pay for as many classes as you'd like and if you can't come one week, you can make up a class at a different time. the classes are comprised of a mix of experience levels and, of course, i am the brand- spanking new, very green one in the group.

sewing will provide me with a long-sought after hobby. it will be an ordinary activity of life here that i can participate in while we're living here and it is something kath and i can do it together (she is good and experienced). in addition, it is useful and redemptive, a skill that can be helpful in so many ways. i am very thankful for this opportunity.

(sherry, even though geoff knows more than i do in this area)

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