Thursday, February 22, 2007

our restless nights

so isaac got in bed with us at about 3 a.m. (this has happened the last 13 of 14 nights) and he was itching and itching his feet.  i finally turned on the light to see what was troubling him and his feet were covered in bites of some sort.  the poor little man was so disturbed he couldn't sleep.  i got up to dig through the bathroom for an anti-itch ointment.  unsuccessful, i came to get geoff and ran into a massive spider on the laundry room door.  now these spiders are something else.  known as a huntsman, apparently they are benign spiders that come into the house and sit in corners for days and watch family activity.  the body of this one was about the size of a quarter and 3' wide in diameter.  when i saw it i almost vomited.  i went reeling into the bedroom, trying to keep my composure for isaac's sake, and sent geoff out after it.  he came back saying "oh, that's just a baby one."  after isaac was settled and asleep in our bed, i laid there with tremors and nightmares about spiders the size of dinner plates blocking the door, or spiders leaping on me or getting caught in my hair.  it was a long, sleepless night.


Maria Kenney said...

Are you kidding???? How will you ever sleep again???

I'm freaked out all the way across the pond.

lisa g said...

I'm so sorry! I'm remembering my own spider bite in a foreign land and the feeling of plucking a tick out of my eyelashes. I've had those sleepless nights and they're not fun. If your husband is anything like mine, you're not getting sympathy from him. Know you're getting it from far away!

Miss you all,

geoff and sherry said...

lisa - friend, don't think you weren't on my mind in the middle of the night! i was lying there thinking that l.g. would be freaking out right along side me. let me tell you, i haven't been the same - i'm a bit shaky and every time i go into the bathroom i look around like i'm seriously paranoid. thanks for the empathy.