Tuesday, February 27, 2007


DSC_7236bwcoming back to australia has been a (re)learning experience in many ways.  the ordinary task of ordering coffee at a cafe is no exception.  perhaps it would be of interest to our dear north american readers there is no regular coffee (drip filter style) in sight.  all coffee is made for you espresso style.  one must make that delightful choice, between short black, long black, flat white, cappuccino, macchiato, caffe latte, ice coffee, and the less than authentic-italian mugacino (see a list of coffee types and their descriptions here).  massive italian immigration in the post WWII period had a dramatic affect on australian culture...melbourne now has the highest number of cafes per capita than any other major city.  to say Melbournians love their coffee would be a gross understatement.  it is a highlight of the week to sit outside and sip a coffee with family, taking in the street scenes and the gentle boost of caffeine.  i took the above photo of a delicious macchiato i consumed at a cafe by the beach in Altona.



jkoch said...

for your sakes, i hope they have starbucks in melbourne. i know you guys probably get so tired of those small, cute cafes.

KennyB said...

Leanne and I LovE the coffee culture in OZ!

New Farm is pretty much the cafe' centre of Brisbane and hosts a number of the best roasters - especially Merlo, so we are right in the thick of the better Brisbane baristas : )

Needless to say we have developed a taste for the black stuff, in many of the variations you describe.

james said...

wait a sec. if I've learned anything from Fosters ads, and I feel I have, its that all Austrialians do is drink beer. . . Oh, I get it "Coffee, Australian for Beer." well, I guess that pix does kinda look like a Guiness. . . carry on.

james said...

Sorry, I misspelled your country. no spell checker on the comment deal.

geoff and sherry said...

jodean...there are several starbucks around the place but we are yet to set foot in one...as homesickness kicks in we might break down and get a star-bucket of coffee from those colonising seattle roasters.

kenny b! hoping we can visit sometime and take in some Merlo and meet your wee lad.

walshy, spelling is just another way the man keeps us down...i spell with my gut, not my head. and there is a strong beer culture here too but coffee is still the preferred breakfast drink (for non-students)