Monday, February 26, 2007

one of those days

people say pain in the ~~~ things often happen in threes. i'm not superstitious about it - i think such things can be smeared all across a day. we're having one of those days.

poor isaac was up in the night with itchy feet (what we thought were bug bites are actually hives which have made his little feet red and disfigured for days) and he woke early this morning. i was in a tylenol p.m. sleeping pill fog from treating my dodgy hip and i could barely think straight. his condition and the antihistamine we're medicating him with kept us from sending him to school this morning. grumpy as anything he stayed home, sassed us off and refused to nap.

this morning, we continued to work on a journal (actual 35 of them) that we are designing by-hand for the new forge interns. while plugging away on this creative, but vacation-bible-school like effort, we had to stop every so often to attend to some particularly annoying email correspondence. it is the kind of thing that makes you want to ram your head through a wall or sedate yourself heavily.

as we worked, we waited for a service person to arrive to install a new oven, rangetop and hood for kev and kath. their old oven hasn't worked properly for years, so they have been eagerly awaiting this new and improved model. last night, we gave the oven a collective kick and good riddance. after working for over an hour, the guy installing the stove top informed us that the countertop had originally been cut improperly and the new top won't fit without cabinet work or replacement of the counter/bench. great. now a big, useless hole sits within the countertop. finally, the company scheduling the installation told us nothing more can be done until next monday. we'll be using the barbie for a while.

when geoff went out to get the bike ready this afternoon to drop off our ailing little boy for a few hours of school the bike tire was flat. he was only partially successful at filling the tire, so as the boys rode off with a half-deflated tire, a spoke broke off. to ice the cake, he forgot to take dogger (the treasured friend that always accompanies isaac to school), so he had to leave isaac sobbing.

apparently a hollywood director claims to have discovered the remains of jesus. i've been staring at the wall eating peanut butter cookies and geoff is watching oprah. as they say in australia, "the wheels have fallen off."


laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Isaac's poor little feet. Hopefully k2 will arrive today and be a small bit of comfort. Love you, Laura

Dick said...

So sorry to hear of all your "trials" yesterday....and this following the "spider encounter" the day before! Satan is unhappy with your efforts for His Kingdom's advancement, and this is simply one sign of the impact that you are making and are to make for Him.

We'll pray for brighter skies tomorrow.

Maria Kenney said...

Oh Sherry... I know you'll understand that your post made me laugh a little bit, maybe it was the mental image of the PB cookies and Oprah, of all things. Before you go to sleep, read aloud that classic, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." And rememebr that we all love you!!!