Saturday, February 10, 2007

lilies on brougham

rob's hut 2one day last week we visited friends of Kev and Kath's.  They own a home that runs seamlessly into a nursery, tearoom, and boutique.  He is a renowned landscape architect and designer, specializing in australian natives.  She is a down under version of martha stewart turned european.  the shop she created is filled with imports from france. 

we met rob, the husband, and he graciously lead us through the garden - a mix of natives, flowering perennials, vegetables and a fruit orchard.  he showed us their house - a stunning cottage like nothing i've ever seen before.  outside, it was covered in ivy and vines with huge hydrangeas in bloom.  inside it looked as if we were standing in the pages of an architectural digest magazine.  everything was decorated in french provincial style with shades of white, natural and linen.  It took my breath away.  In the cafe, we shared a cuppa and a piece of lime pear cheesecake.


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