Saturday, February 10, 2007

philip island


a special holiday place for my family is an island about 90 mins drive south-east of melbourne.  it's special for several reasons.  it is the region where my mum's family is from.  my grandfather was a coal miner near the island and it's where i learned to surf and enjoy the ocean. DSC_7821

yesterday we went down there for a drive and visited an animal park.  it is here isaac had his first real-life encounters with kangaroos and koalas.  it was a great hands-on wildlife park and isaac had a great time hugging the kangaroos.  we also had a wonderful seafood platter for lunch at the san remo pub.  here's isaac feeding a baby wallaby (above), and below is the sleepy koala, the pre-historic-looking cassawary bird, and the whole family feeding an emu and a kangaroo.





Will said...

Gwynnie wanted me to say "Hi!" and to tell you that she misses all three of you very much.

WITWATW said...

awww...gotta love P.I. All the memories! Wish we had been there with you all. Loved the pics. xxxx