Wednesday, March 7, 2007

dangerous stories II

we're off this weekend to attend and help with forge's major, national conference. they expect up to 600 people and will feature speakers such as brian mclaren, wolfgang simson, deb and alan hirsch, michael frost and dave andrews (author of the book i'm studying at the moment). the list of workshops alone is phenomenal. at the last minute, we were asked to lead a two-part workshop on the environment, sustainability and faith (one hour saturday, one hour sunday - we'd appreciate prayers at this late date).

but the exciting news of the weekend is that we get to spend it with mary fisher. she is a friend and a much-respected professor of old-testament theology. she was significant to many of us during her time at asbury seminary, before she returned to australia. she contacted us from sydney about coming and she'll arrive tomorrow (friday). she'll stay with us at john and glena smith's.

kev and kath are taking isaac down the coast tomorrow to a lovely place called lorne, a part of the "great ocean road." it is a holiday weekend here (monday is labour day), so they will relax with some extended family and enjoy isaac to the fullest without us around. we are deeply grateful for this providential timing as it allows us to be on the other side of the city until tuesday.

when the conference ends sunday we will participate in the first of three intensives for forge on monday and tuesday. we will meet students for the first time and begin our journey with them and the team into a new academic year. again, we are amazed by the grace and the gift of this learning experience and the chance to work together.


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