Monday, March 12, 2007

last day of forge I

we are heading out this morning for the final day of a two-part event - dangerous stories conference and the first of the forge intensives.  we arrived home last night after four days in the eastern suburbs, staying at the smith's with mary.  we were so happy to see isaac paul and kev and kath. 

they had a delightful holiday weekend down the coast as isaac played on the beach and was surrounded with love from k & k and  cousins, jo and alistair.  when we got home, isaac was doning buzzlight year pajamas and thomas the tank engine shoes with his superman cape as mixed-in accessory.  jo had given him these beloved items and he hadn't taken them off for days - kath said he wore it to the beach and the pub for dinner.

today is the second day of the intensive (smaller group, classroom interaction) and we are looking forward to ramping down from five full days of interesting discussions, challenging speakers, and lots and lots of people.  our time with mary fisher can only be described as a cherished gift from god and we'll be unpacking our 47 hours of conversation for weeks.  thanks for your prayers, by the way, our small ( eight of us) workshop on sustainability and faith went quite well and we finished the time alloted to us full of practical application and hope for change that can still come.


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