Saturday, March 24, 2007



sherry and i were blessed to spend a few days last week down the coast.  we stayed in a town called point lonsdale at a bed and breakfast cottage that belongs to some friends of friends.  the owners create a space for couples to retreat and reflect on their marriages or just get away for a few days.  from the living space you can walk over some sand dunes to the beach and you are a short drive from some of the most beautiful fishing villages and coastal towns. 

we were greatly refreshed.  we basked in the sun, the time together and the incredible scenery. as often with retreats, somehow we were completely mindless and clearly mindful at the same time.  we are grateful to dear friends who gave us money to do something "extravagant" such as this during our stay in australia.

the light was particularly beautiful and, despite forgetting to charge the batteries in my camera, i managed to take a few snaps of the surrounds.





upstream said...

looks like fun guys!

nice pics :)


rev tc said...

this is the place i first lived when i left home 31 years ago!
it has a fantastic left break on the backbeach - tho can't remember what its called. has some wicked rips around there too.

geoff and sherry said...

thanks for the comment, i did think of you while we were down that way...wondered where you might have communed with the waves. indeed the tidal rip was really harsh. i didn't have the courage (nor the board) to get out into the waves this time.
it is a stunning part of coast and only 1.5hrs from mum and dad's place so we will be going back some more before we return to land-locked kentucky.
will we see you at greenbelt? if not we will certainly make time to see you as we have a stop in london on our way home in august.
peace to you and zo,