Sunday, March 25, 2007

heronswood gardens

heronswood house

yesterday mum and dad took us down the mornington penisula to a town called dromana, about 1.5hrs drive from melbourne.  we visited a historic home called heronswood.  this home was built in 1871 from locally quarried bluestone.  the home is beautiful but the gardens around are stunning.  they have an incredible variety of plants..from banana trees and figs to ferns and herbs.  we wandered around the gardens and enjoyed a coffee at the cafe behind the house before stopping for some fish and chips by the beach on the way home.  a memorable saturday with the family.

heronswood cafe



jkoch said...

my mouth is watering for some fresh figs. or it could be pregnancy drool. sherry, you'd appreciate this belly!

geoff and sherry said...

i'd give anything to see that gorgeous sphere and feel that boy kick. we thought of you at the garden, especially your husband - he would have been a happy man among all the heirloom seeds. we're missing you.