Sunday, March 25, 2007

a new season

last friday we experienced the hottest day of march in 60 years.  and it wasn't just a hot day, it was apocalyptic.   it's a bit hyperbolic, but i hadn't seen anything like it.  nature was groaning under the long stretch without rain and the drought was rearing it's ugly head one last time (at least we hope as they predict autumn rain).  we were driving up from geelong and there were dust clouds 100 feet up in the air, blowing across the highway.  everything was beyond parched.

in melbourne there is a regular weather event called a "cool change."  i just love reminds me of the song from an aussie band - lrb - in the seventies.   i find it delightful because we don't have anything like it in the states - the seasons are fairly steady in kentucky, when it's hot it stays hot.  here, however, the temperature can drop dramatically in a matter of hours, bringing rain and days of pleasant temperatures.  friday, we were panting at the beach.  saturday, i wore a wool jumper.

so we had a cool change that ushered in a new season.  being from the northern hemisphere, i've stay completely turned around as i continue to think april brings flowers and linen instead of footy season and shorter days. 

i have to say though that the climate/weather/drought here have brought home the reality of global warming in a way that i don't think i would experience at home.  the water shortage is real and present daily in the news.  the landscape is burdened and burnt and dusty.  whatever detrimental influence we've had on creation, it has become an inescapable and indisputable reality in my mind that things aren't the same.  and i am looking for grace everywhere, especially in the rain.


rev tc said...

on sunday in church we were praying for rain for oz and china.
love to yez.
go catters!!

geoff and sherry said...

we are joining you in prayer and last night it rained gently for several hours.

it's fantastic to be here for the start of the footy season. go catters indeed..they have the doggies this week so should be good to watch
the carringbush have the shinboners at the G.
carn the pies!