Friday, April 27, 2007

current forge work

in between all our travels, we've actually stayed quite busy with forge work.  together we are grading interns writings - book reviews, creative reflections, essays on mission and church plant proposals.  recently we were asked by the academic director of forge to stand in his position temporarily while he takes study leave to further his phd work.  this role involves our acting as liaisons between forge interns and the academic institutions (bible colleges and seminaries around melbourne), maintaining relationships with the officials of these schools, and managing any issues of accreditation of forge course work and practicum experience.  it is an excellent opportunity to learn and a privilege to do.

during the last few weeks, we've accompanied forge staff to whitley college (university of melbourne's divinity school).  on one occasion we spent time with the principal (president) and the director of mission studies.  we attended chapel, went out for a cuppa with group of students, ate lunch, and sat in on a meeting with these officials and forge directors as issues of accreditation were discussed.  it was quite informative and helpful as we, ourselves, continue to learn and translate for a possible future effort in lexington.

thanks to our friend darren (mentioned above as academic director) we've been scheduled to speak along with him at almost all the seminaries with forge connections.  just a few days ago we returned with daz to whitley to speak to a class on celtic spirituality.  this course about spirituality is taught by a professor we were already very interested in meeting - simon carey holt - good books, good blog

what do we know about celtic spirituality?  very little really, that's why daz did all the talking on that (and he managed to artfully integrate everything from a perspective of mission).  we shared with the class (about nine students) during the second half about the new monastic movement in the u.s. and communality as a missional community and participant in this movement.  the students were thoughtful and attentive and, as good aussies, they actually threw some critical questions our way.  in a short period of time, we find it is hard to describe our community of faith and communicate comprehensively who we are and what's our life is about.  with each opportunity we are learning how to do this and we are grateful to daz for lining up so many occasions to do so.

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Simon said...

Geoff & Sherry,

It was a delight to have you in the class. You communicated so well and with a refreshing humility. While you may not be 'experts' on Celtic spirituality, you are as expert as they come in the exploration of a spirituality grounded in daily life. I could not have asked for more.