Thursday, April 26, 2007

abstract materialism

this cartoon strip is quoted out of a book i've picked up again.  it is a very good book called "money possessions and eternity."  as is often true, cartoons deliver prophetic and piercing words through sarcasm and humor.  this one was fairly painful for me to read:

"the comic strip 'cathy' depicted a young man and woman discussing various items they'd acquired:

'safari clothes that will never be near a jungle.'

'aerobic footwear that will never set foot in an aerobics class.'

'deep-sea dive watch that will never get damp.'

'keys to a four-wheel-drive vehicle that will never experience a hill.'

'architectural magazines we don't read filled with pictures of furniture we don't like.'

'financial strategy software keyed to a checkbook that's lost somewhere under a computer no one knows how to work.'

'art poster from an exhibit we never went to of an artist we never heard of.'

finally, as both characters stand with blank stares, one says to the other: 'abstract materialism has arrived.'  to which the other replies: 'we've moved past the things we want and need and are buying those things that have nothing to do with our lives.'"

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