Wednesday, April 25, 2007

family treasures

today was ANZAC day in Australia...sort of like veterans day and memorial day rolled into one.  as many as 30,000 people gather at the war memorial in Melbourne to attend a dawn service.  Isaac, Dad and I had planned to attend.  we had our bags ready and alarms set for a 5am departure.  but our plans were set aside after a rough night with poor isaac.  he must have eaten something dodgy at play group because he vomitted several times in the night and by the time 5am ticked around we hadn't had much sleep.  so we stayed home.  instead of the ANZAC pilgrimage we unpacked some old family albums in search of treasures and perhaps some pictures of my granfather in uniform (he served in WWII - he elected to serve as a medic because of some pacifist leanings).  we did find some great old photos


as well as some buttons from his uniform. 


but best of all, some of his handwritten sermons.


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RICHARD said...

We were getting "blog withdrawal" with no news for nearly 10 days. Did not know that you were off on such an extended trip. Sounds like you had a great time. We don't always comment, but we check the blog a number of times/week.