Sunday, April 1, 2007

new recipe list

i've added a new list of recipes in the right column of our blog. my aim is to use this space to include either recipes we love or recipes of classic australian fare. now i can't vouch for these in particular because i may not have tried them (which are linked to the internet), but they should be representative and good. for the few of you that actually have time to bake or cook from scratch, give them a try. of course you'll notice most are sweet because we're off sweets at the moment and yet they continue to dominate my thought world...mmmm.


jkoch said...

i want that one.

lisa g said...

So I looked at the recipe for chocolate pavlova-- the measurements are in grams and milliliters. What does that mean? How many cups is that?

geoff and sherry said...

l.g. - i don't know if you're serious or having a go, but get on the internet for conversions or have that smart husband of yours do the math