Tuesday, April 3, 2007

off on holiday

we leave early in the morning for a few weeks away with family. our journey will take us (kath, geoff, isaac and me) up through northern victoria. we'll stop for morning tea in wodonga at grandma and georgie's house (kath's parents). next, we will make our way to canberra (australia's capital city) to spend the night. thursday morning we will drive the few remaining hours to sydney to stay with the athavles - sarah (kath's youngest sister), her husband chris and their four children. the sydney clan, including auntie chez and uncle will, will celebrate easter together. on easter monday, the drive north continues as we make our way to noosa, a beautiful resort town on the coast of queensland. the athavle family have graciously included us on their family holiday. we've been looking forward to this for months (since cold december in lexington). we will spend a week with them and return to melbourne - via one last night in sydney - on the 16th of april. please see this link to get a sense of the distance we will travel -

link to map

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salttheplanet said...

That sounds like a fantastic (and long) trip! Blessings to you on your Easter holiday!