Saturday, May 5, 2007

our new favorite show

we've really gotten into a british "foodie" show this month called "come dine with me."  it is a reality series that is based on the selection of five amateur chefs per week who cook and serve up a multi-course dinner in his/her home for the four other contestants.  they take turns each night of the week and at the end, the winning participant gets 1000 pounds.  the five each vote on one another at the end of every evening and the one with the highest score wins.  they are ruthless and catty as anything.  during the event, the person on the spot anxiously prepares food while the others wander around the house, snooping to finding odd and suspect items while making fun of everything they see.  the producers must screen these people to make sure of three things - one, that none of them can actually cook; two, that they are wickedly judgmental; and three, that each is eccentric at best, a bit scary at worst.  it makes for excellent entertainment and after one night, you're hooked for the week.

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very nice you and your family!

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