Wednesday, May 2, 2007

time at the mall

so yesterday we were a bit weary. we woke early to do a few hours of work and then decided, as morale waned, hey - let's go to the mall as a family. we headed down to werribee plaza, a place even further south of melbourne than where we are, a kind of a small country town on the outskirts.

at the mall, we wandered aimlessly as isaac ran about. at one point (and this tells gives a measure of our low point of the day) geoff lined up in the food court at kfc to get isaac something to eat. isaac and i were sitting to the side watching people pass. isaac pointed geoff's way and said "i love that guy" and i said, "yes, your daddy, i love him too." then isaac quickly corrected me and said "no, not him...him, the guy in the red." i look beyond geoff to see that isaac is pointing to and declaring his love for an image of colonel sanders.

a little while later as i was coming out of a shop, i found isaac on a stage in the middle of the mall. he was running up and down doing all his best superman moves, wearing his superman shirt no less. there was only a small crowd gathered, two or three mums with their children. the women were commenting on how cute isaac was. i looked over at one of their kids and he's a full on "ranga" - aussie slang for a red-head, originating from orangutan - and he's standing up in the trolley with a naked hot dog half-eaten in his hand wearing a pair of pink shoes. i wasn't quite as self-conscious of isaac after that.


james said...

Don't worry, Isaac, I love the Colonel too.

aseel said...

That's hilarious! My mom told me that Sofia grabbed an album, and proceeded to chant "isaac, isaac". Sure enough, there was a photo of him in the album :) I think she misses him too!

geoff and sherry said...

hi aseel - we love hearing from you. we miss your beautiful family also. please kiss the girls and omid for us.