Sunday, June 3, 2007

the jellybean


we never thought we'd be so in need of a car...for the time we've been here, geoff's mum, kath, has generously shared her car with us.  week to week she negotiated her schedule so we could use it as needed.  we are finally coming to terms with the issue of transportation, which has been one of the more difficult parts of our adjustment here.  to get anywhere or participate in anything, you have to have a car, or plan in extra hours to catch the train.

for two weeks in may, our friend kimmy (the director of forge vic) gave us his car while his family was away.  the day we returned it, pete and ruth (geoff's uncle and aunt - pictured below) offered us their car.  she started a new job with a company car and they immediately thought of providing us with the extra car for the remainder of our time in oz.  we've had it a week and it has made a huge difference.  thanks family!


the car is a wee one, very fuel efficient, so we've named it the jelly bean.

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Steve and Randel said...

the jellybean makes me think of the glaxo white mercury sable, which i believe YOU fondly named the "egg on wheels"....
so nice of pete and ruth to share their car with you- they look fun. :)