Saturday, June 2, 2007

more from leunig

geoff let me lie in bed this morning.  we actually slept in, as a family, until 7 a.m.  as he made me a cup of tea, i stayed under the covers with a michael leunig book, "wild figments."  it is delightful through and through.  here's one of many good excerpts:

overlooking my life so far

"In my life I had accumulated many things in my head - too many things.  Memories, tunes, facts, fears, visions, loves, etc., etc.  As many as possible.  In a fertile mind, such things will interbreed.  Mongrel visions are born; hybrid memories; inbred memories, idiot love.  It gets very confusing!

I decided it was time for a good clean-up, so I emptied all this out of my head and pushed it into a big heap to sort it out.  There is was - everything that was me, all in a big jumbled heap.  I walked around it.  What a mess!

Then suddenly I saw it in silhouette and realised what it was.  It was a heap.  A simple heap.  You don't sort it out, you climb it.  You climb it because it is there.  Excitedly I clambered to the summit and raised a flag.  I was now looking beyond everything that I knew.  The view was simply magnificent."

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