Thursday, June 14, 2007

a night at the footy

last wednesday night the whole family went to see the annual EJ Whitten legends match.  it is a game of australian rules football played by retired professional footballers and a few celebrities/comedians.  mum (via her work at a cancer hospital - the money raised goes to cancer research/awareness) had attended pre-game entertainment and we all met up at the stadium.  sherry, brad, isaac, and i enjoyed catching the train into the city and watching night descend on melbourne. 



at the event isaac was more than thrilled with the mascots that paraded the ground. 




a little under 13,000 people braved the cold night air to watch a mock game...i dare say many were there to cheer for one particular player by the name of bryan keith strauchan or, as he is known by his fans, strauchanie.  strauchanie is the creation of a melbourne comedian and is a classically australian cult hero (if you are interested you can search for 'strauchanie' on youtube for some clips).  a ne're-do-well but supremely confident footballer who talks about himself in the third person and is always expressing his frustration with those around him who invariably (in his clear-eyed assessment) fail to acknowledge his greatness and/or hold him back from super-stardom.  strauchanie was great entertainment and even managed to kick a goal.



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