Friday, June 15, 2007

teeth and superheroes

with isaac's obsessions with teeth (he's told 3 of his 4 grandparents that their teeth are "broken") combined with his all-consuming fascination with superheroes of every sort (his most recent with "larry boy" from veggie tales - the featured villain has missing teeth), he's come up with this recent statement - we were at the park and as i was pushing him on the swing, he said "i'm going to eat lots of lollies and get broken teeth so i can be a 'baddie'." 

the other night, while finding a parking spot at the train station to head into the footy game, i was a bit stressed.  isaac said to me "stop being stressed or else i'll show you my batman socks!"

also, he's recently developed an interest in anatomy and physiology.  geoff continues to feed him advanced information that he can't possibly understand, but he picks up the jargon.  a few days ago, on the way to a meeting, he said "please buy me a book about the blood and the bones."


TP said...

It excites me that Isaac is being raised so well, and saddens me that I can not witness it closer. Jen and I have been cracking up at Isaac's sayings.

geoff and sherry said...

hey tp (and jen),
so glad you guys are enjoying isaac's antics. we're missing you guys too and sad that you won't be around in lex (along with the koskies) when we return. we'll keep the isaac quotes coming.