Saturday, July 7, 2007

billy's enculturation

yesterday (saturday) we took billy to the city and on to the footy.  we wandered around downtown before walking across to the MCG. 


the cold and rain didn't stop us cheering the collingwood magpies on  - they eventually won. 


it was also a happy accident to run into Simon Carey Holt and his wife as we walked in city.  it's always nice to see familiar faces among the teeming masses.  happy accident #2 was seeing barro at the footy match (pictured below with billy).  several of my best footy memories involve barro so it was great to run into him (he is a dear older brother in the collingwood faith).  better still was the fact that billy had met barro about 3 years ago when they were both at greenbelt and they enjoyed catching up.


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