Monday, July 9, 2007

working together

this morning geoff headed to the airport to put billy on a plane to brisbane to spend a few nights with ken and leane baker (it's such a small world wherever we go.  the three of us had a coffee with a forge friend - stephen said - yesterday and he is on his way to stay with the bakers on thursday as he and billy will just miss one another).  thanks to the bakers and mary fisher, we often meet people here in australia who already know about communality (the good stuff at least) and who are eager to sit down and know more.

yesterday we spent most of the day in the city working on our presentation for the forge intensive.  i think we all feel a bit intimidated at the task of telling the story of our community in an interactive fashion in front of alot of people.  geoff and i are certainly grateful to have billy's voice join ours as we have been the sole representatives for communality for months.  we've put together a great slideshow to transport the beloved faces and memories of our community from lexington to melbourne for the evening.  each time we watch it we get pangs of homesickness and tangible reminders of the story-rich life and history we share with one another. 

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