Thursday, July 5, 2007

billy has arrived

this morning at the melbourne airport the three of us waited for billy with great anticipation .  as we looked for him in the international arrival concourse, we watched hundreds of people pass by weighed down with luggage and cases from all over the world.  it was a beautiful spectacle to take in faces from singapore, new zealand, india, china, japan, indonesia and places unknown.  we were also reminded of our own trans-global travel to come and the guaranteed disorientation that comes with it.  after what seemed an eternity billy came through the doors of customs and we embraced as a family.  he smiled and looked better than he should have for having traveled such a distance.  we drove home through the city and talked of so many things, especially our plans for the next two weeks together.  it was a long awaited joy to be together again.   

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Sean said...

We're glad billy arrived safe and sound - have a wonderful 2 weeks together! take a walk down to the pond and see the black swans .;)