Wednesday, July 4, 2007

GB 2007


(GB '05 with will samson and the turner family)

we're going to greenbelt at the end of august.  we are overjoyed at the thought of a week with our dear friends, the turners in london (hackney) and another week in the fields of cheltenham, tent camping with isaac and 20,000 others.  and...great news for us - our friends, neighbors and co-labourers with communality - lisa and clinton - are joining us for the festival.  they've just let us know that they've bought their tickets.  the program looks fantastic as always - see the GB site - with music from billy bragg, duke special, over the rhine and speakers ched meyers and john smith.  we're holding out for martyn joseph, of course and the organic beer tent.


Anonymous said...
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Will said...

Have a great time, guys. Please send my love to the Turners, raise a glass with all our friends, and have a bacon booty (sp?) for me.