Wednesday, July 4, 2007

superman takes flight

for your amusement, here are some pictures of isaac leaping from the couch tonight.






Blue November said...

Who spiked the juice cup with Kryptonite? Superman doesn't look so confident in that last landing.

jkoch said...

is that sherry or her evil twin?

Blue November said...

I think Sherry is just unconfident in the whole endeavor.

dwain said...

I see the rebirth of Wolfmother in about 18 years.

The McDonalds said...

Shoops...the look on your face in the second pic is priceless. Mom face. I pray you are doing well...I'd love to catch up when you get back. I just found the blog a couple of weeks ago so it's been good to catch up on your time in oz...Give Geoff a big hug for me.

geoff and sherry said...

hi sissa - thanks for finding us and following along. life's never dull with the boy. we can't wait to get home and see all of you. it's been a long time. all our love.