Tuesday, July 31, 2007

UNOH surrender 07


sherry will no doubt give her highlights for the weekend. mine were (in no particular order):

  • hearing shobie owen (above: second from the left) and then gordi and netti (above: last two on the right) sing.
  • meeting the urban vision mob from new zealand
  • hearing jackie pullinger and shane claiborne
  • meeting shane's mom, pat (below)
  • hanging out with new and old friends from st martins, forge, unoh, and urban seed.

overall the weekend was very well organized with many different workshops and panels taking giving things a decentralized feel. the food was delicious and made the space for beautiful times of 'table fellowship'...not unrelated was the fact that we used real plates and cutlery. see the picture below for a good explanation.

we were very happy to have attended and it was a particularly good way for us to finish up our time here in melbourne. DSC_1916




Neal said...

Great pics guys! It was such a pleasure to spend some time with you guys over the weekend - just sorry it could not have been longer!

Maria Kenney said...

I love the picture of Sherry and Pat, Shane's mom. She is a lovely woman who has supported Shane throughout the years, and has shared another view on the gift of singleness, especially what it means when your only child chooses this path. Her sacrifices aren't as "grand" or obvious as her son's, but they are real nonetheless. She's a pretty amazing woman.