Tuesday, July 31, 2007

winding down

at the end of the UNOH weekend we felt the sweet relief of closure and our commitments to various events coming to an end.  we had a fantastic time over the weekend and that is another post for another day.  on sunday, as we headed home, geoff and i said to one another that it's been great to come through seven months without being sick once (when we were here in 2003 i was sick every other week).  of course we spoke too soon.  we woke monday morning with a sense of relief and both with sore throats and substantial colds.

on monday we had a bittersweet farewell lunch with our friends and co-workers from forge.  these lovely people have welcomed us fully and treated us as equals over the last seven months and we've experienced a real bond with them.  we went to a funky place on brunswick street called "retro" and ate some delicious comfort food.  we all split a piece of mars bar cake as they teased us, toasted us and said good-bye.  they were too generous as they seemed to think we contributed something of substance during our time with them and what we are certain of is that we leave with so much more.

last night we went to dinner at a friend's house in the city.  these lovely people have a 10-week old baby and they managed to cook us a stunning three course meal - baked pear, feta and proscuitto and asparagus and garlic mushrooms as an entree, a spinach pumpkin casserole and salad for main and a flourless chocolate and raspberry tart with ice cream for dessert.  gordon and netti have been together for nine years.  they are both incredibly gifted musicians and singers - see this link about jeanette's band.  geoff and gordi grew up together in st martin's.  on the saturday night at UNOH, we listened to these two perform beautiful folk ballads, including an over the rhine song or two.

we are preparing for the arrival of narelle, sandy and the girls on thursday and we begin to see friends one last time and say good-bye.  soon we'll set our sights on greenbelt and time in london.

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