Wednesday, August 8, 2007

the last of

we're saying goodbye to people, places and routines of our life here in oz.  it is a strange thing to go through this is "the last time..." when we've been here only temporarily, yet long enough to belong to a place and a set of relationships.  yesterday, we were racing around taking care of things - last book drop to the library, last petrol fill-up of the beloved jellybean, last shop at my favorite little fruit & veg market.  last night, as a family we watched a very funny aussie show called "thank god you're here."  i said to kath, "we won't be here for this next week."  sad and eager - opposite emotions dwelling together in us.  friday night geoff and i are excited to go to our last pies game at the g.  over the weekend we'll cherish our last moments with family.  tuesday we leave.  five more sleeps.


last wattle

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jkoch said...

praying that you guys end your visit well. and very much looking forward to your return.