Tuesday, August 7, 2007

more from isaac


lately, isaac is saying more, asking more questions, and pronouncing things with greater clarity.  last week, before we were all sick, we were out on a walk (when all the good conversation seems to happen) and isaac asked me:

"how are babies made?"

after a long pause i said, "when a mommy and dad love each other, god gives the mommy a little seed and after nine months a baby comes out."

isaac thought about that time span for a minute and said, "when i'm a daddy, i'm going to have a baby in 10 minutes."

"isaac, only mommies have the babies" i said.

"then when i grow up i'm going to be a lady."


two days ago, i thought we'd reached a much-longed for milestone when isaac said "i don't like superman anymore."  instantly i thought great, let's move on.  so the next day i was a bit disappointed when he requested his superman pajamas.  i said to him, "but you don't like superman anymore and anyway, those pajamas are so daggy" to which isaac pleaded, "but i like daggy pajamas."


tonight, as i was putting isaac to bed (after doses of panadol, antibiotic and a vicks rub) he was coughing and coughing.  earlier in the evening i had given him a cough lolly (cough drop).  i said "i think you need another cough lolly."  isaac said, "yes, two cough lollies in one day...lucky me."


dwain said...

the story about the not-so-smart Einstein babies doesn't apply to your precocious kiddy-wink!

Neal said...

LOL! Reminds me when Caoilainn (my youngest - 2 year old) saw a new born baby in a movie - looking very realistic I might add - she frowned and said "baby hurt" to which we all tried to say that no baby wasn't hurt. She then clarified it by saying that "baby is sick" and we again tried to correct her. We then told her it was a NEW baby and she nodded and said "baby hurt".
Anyway, I know how you guys are all feeling - the bug has been visiting this house hold too! I am recovering slowly! Blessings!