Tuesday, December 18, 2007

an almost collision

this morning before school, as a family treat (and a particular reward for isaac staying in his bed all night ) we went to third street stuff for a cinnamon roll.  as i walked isaac over to school from the coffeeshop, we saw our friend, ms dee, almost in the middle of the road.  she has a bad habit of standing right in front of the entrance to sayre and leaning out into oncoming limestone traffic in an effort to cross the street.  i've caught her at this at least three times.  we yelled for her to get out of the way and use the crosswalk up the road a bit and we wished her a good day.

certainly it is a feeling of world's colliding when i've encounter our neighbor, ms dee, right in front of isaac's school (a prestigious downtown private school).  she's almost been hit multiple times by unsuspecting parents pulling out of sayre's drive who wouldn't have a clue who she is.  it was particularly poignant this cold morning because we'd just sat with her around our dinner table last night.  ms dee came to dinner along with lisa and clinton, jfk, and jodie and asher.  this public encounter was merged with the  the intimate image of a meal shared and i felt the compactness of our lives.  weekly, we celebrate the density of our life in lexington  and the interconnectedness of the different dimensions wrapped up by these downtown streets.

and time flies.  as i took isaac through the door of school i said to him, "one more day until christmas holidays." as i said it my mind flashed back to those early weeks in september, just back from australia, when isaac's heart broke daily as we dropped him off.  now it's christmas and our family is in a solid, well-loved routine of school, work and play.  a life rich with blessings.

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