Thursday, December 20, 2007

busy people

my phone rang alot this morning.  so much going on.  as i drove away to take care of a few things - bank and kentucky refugee ministries drop off - i reflected on the activity of friends.  lisa and c.g. needed to borrow our crock-pot.  they are primary organizers and contributors to the fledgling neighborhood association christmas dinner tonight.  they're making mashed potatoes for 100 folks among other things.  jodie called to borrow my hand-held mixer.  she and ryan are attending a christmas gathering at 7th st's kid's cafe.  i needed to drop of money from our community to assist with much-needed rent for a refugee family and this afternoon the three of us will celebrate the second bihram or eid (muslim's marking the end of ramadan) with our dear friends, the kovacevics. 

it was heartening, this close to christmas, to know how our friends spend their time and energy, a sweet busyness at least.

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