Monday, December 31, 2007

a gift from my sister

as we wrapped up our christmas holiday at home we received a very unexpected gift from my sister.  due to a change in our travel plans (we'll be returning to georgia next weekend to speak to a church about refugee resettlement) my sister, dacy, offered to take isaac home with her to spend a week with her family.  what a lovely woman - she was actually eager to see it happen.  she has two children, maryellen - 11 and marc - 8, that isaac adores.  they won't be back to school work yet so isaac will have the rare opportunity to be with family for longer than a weekend and get a taste of sibling life.

although we will no doubt miss our boy, it is such a gift of time to us.  yesterday we quickly worked through the head-turning disorientation of "where's isaac", "i thought you had him" feelings to move on to the bright expanse of the week and the almost endless possibilities of margin and space - three nights in a row of dates, seeing movies, and reading the paper in bed.  this morning started beautifully with a sleep-in until 7.20. 

thank you dacy (here she is with our niece, mayson).



brad said...

I haven't seen Dacy in probably 19 years. She has gray hair. Wow.

WITWATW said...

Enjoy the serenity! Happy holiday Isaac, party it up big. Happy New Year you guys. xxxx