Wednesday, January 2, 2008

day one alone

yesterday was lovely.  the first day of the new year and all was cold and quiet.  in continued gratitude for the time together (and knowing isaac was having a ball with his birmingham family) we indulged in complete relaxation. 

first, we slept until 8 am.  slow to get up, we had cups of tea in bed with the sunday times.  then we cooked and baked together: wheat bread, rye bread, chocolate cake (very rich and dense), veggie soup and potato curry.  we didn't eat  until about 11 am and we enjoyed b'fast out of a french cookbook - dippy egg and toast sticks spread with artichokes and goat cheese puree - while watching a bit of little britain. 

after cooking while watching an intense australian film in the kitchen, we went for a walk through the city as the snow fell and watched a late afternoon matinee of sweeney todd (terribly gory but very clever) at the downtown kentucky theatre.

our walk home was brisk and slippery and the house was sadly dark and quiet.  we took down the christmas tree decorations while listening to some ricky gervais stand-up comedy.  finally, we cozied up on the couch and watch a sweet british film that jodie recommended - driving lessons - while i knitted geoff's cardigan (one more arm to go).  finally, we finished the night with an episode of doctor who (series three, our christmas gift to each other).


steve and randel hambrick said...

aww! sounds PERFECT~~~ would love a day like that one- glad you took advantage of the opportunity.

soooo good to see you both. thanks so much for your encouragement. we're looking forward to seeing you again in the near future!

WITWATW said...

oh what a beautiful day. nicccce.

maria said...

I was introduced to Dr Who by the Turners -- it was so fun and I could easliy get hooked!

Enjoy your time!

salttheplanet said...

sounds fantastic! another must-see is Juno, also at the Kentucky. what's better than a witty pregnant teenager?

...well maybe a lot of things, but the movie is brilliant!

Anonymous said...
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