Monday, February 11, 2008

sick little one

by mid-afternoon yesterday, isaac was showing signs of being unwell.  with the widespread flu stuff going around it is not surprising.  we attended church at the rock in the morning to see matthew sleeth speak about faith and creation care.  in opting not to take isaac to fellowship in the evening, he and i climbed into my bed and watched fiddler on the roof.  it was a treasured moment for me to eat ice cream with him and field his questions about this classic film.  he actually paid very close attention.  he leaned in close to me and his little febrile hands held on to my robe.  the three of us lined up together in the bed and through the night he tossed and turned with a fever.  this week is sayre's winter break and it is bitterly cold outside (pipes frozen yet again) so it is a good thing to have him still and quiet at home.


The McDonalds said...

I'm so sad I missed you at The Rock yesterday. I was out with the flu! I hope we'll see you soon!

WITWATW said...

Hope our boy is feeling better soon. Love from the cousins. xxxx

Marie Eldridge said...

Tell Issac that I hope he feels better soon!