Wednesday, February 6, 2008

icing and cake

yesterday we celebrated aida's birthday with her and her son, tarik.  isaac and i made a chocolate cake from scratch with cream cheese icing to top it.  as he licked the bowl, isaac was provoked to reflect on his desires for his own cake (he thinks about his 5th birthday, which is months away, about every other day).  he told me he'd like to have a transformer cake with pear icing.  i said i wasn't sure i could find pear icing.  he said "that's o.k., we'll check the internet."

the cake was alright, but I overloaded the icing with cocoa.  as geoff walked in the door  i asked him to taste it to see if it was o.k.  he said "mmm, that's nice, i like the lemon in it", to which i said, "no, it's chocolate icing.  it's not meant to have a lemon taste."  with some reluctance i presented it to aida, who kindly appreciated it.  we had a delightful evening together eating cake and watching the primary results.

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WITWATW said...

ha ha ha...we WILL check the internet