Tuesday, February 5, 2008

new roommate

yesterday we gained a new friend and housemate.   a seminary student moved in with us for the semester while he completes an internship with communality.  we were so glad he wanted to augment his mentored experience with actually living downtown (as opposed to the seminary in wilmore) with a family.

after six months of living on our own, a restful but unnatural experience for us, we are relieved to have someone else in this big house.  living with others is all isaac has known and when we returned from australia we could tell he really long to have others with us.  repeatedly over these last months he invited people, lots of different people, to come home with us.  yesterday as he and i drove home from our regular monday afternoon with heidi, jodie and the kids, i told him we would arrive home to find caleb and eat our first meal together.  isaac was giddy and laughing in the backseat and making jokes.  he said to me " maybe caleb will forget we live there and make us a welcome home sign", "maybe he's making us some tea."

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