Monday, February 4, 2008

with a little help

after a weekend of rotten family-wide illness we are very grateful for our friends.  a nasty bug has made it's way through our community and in some form to almost everyone we know.  we had it over the weekend and it was bad.  on thursday night isaac went through it only to recover in time for geoff and me to compete for bathrooms friday night. 

by saturday morning we were thoroughly wiped and isaac was thoroughly well.  thanks to our dear friends we had the day to recover. first thing saturday a.m., jodie brought us medicine, soup and gatorade, and a dvd sent by laura (wonderful by the way - paris, je t'aime).  by midmorning heidi picked up isaac and he spent the day at her house with her children through to dinner.  we spent the entire day in bed.  jodie kindly brought him home to us just in time for him to go to sleep.  as i soaked my aching body in our big claw-foot tub that evening (a rare luxury in our household), i was filled with a sense of gratitude for friends who made a day of rest possible and live along side us like family, getting us by with more than a little help.

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WITWATW said...

so sorry you have been so sick guys, but so glad the your beautiful friends are looking after you. Have a great week! Wish you were here - we will put some more pics on the blog soon. xxxx