Friday, June 20, 2008


Isaac and i finally made it to the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site in downtown Atlanta today.  Since celebrating MLK's birthday back in January, Isaac has been asking to see his tomb and church.  today was the day and we were both moved by what we saw.


here we are with the tomb in the background.

We also walked around Ebenezer Baptist church where MLK grew up and where his father was a minister.  just a block away is the home he was raised in and the city has done a great job of preserving some of the shotgun shacks that lined the streets in the first half of the 20th century.





inside the center there is a great collection of important photos, videos, and documents describing MLK's life and mission.  i was interested in seeing his copy of E. Stanley Jones' book about Gandhi (pictured here next to his key to the hotel apartment where he was shot) and MLK's personal bible.  apparently ESJ's book was a key text for MLK as he shaped his commitment to non-violence.



whatever struggle still remains in the US and across the world, we have in MLK (and Gandhi) another way forward for humans to live.  his self-sacrifice is a remarkable example and i'm reminded how far i have fallen short in my service to God's kingdom.  i'm freshly challenged to resist the urge for self-preservation and more faithfully orient my energies and resources toward self-giving love.  God help me.



WITWATW said...

nice. Love you guys. xxxx

upstream said...

Hi Guys

This brings back memories of our last time in the US. The MLK memorial was one of the most moving places we visited and impacted us deeply.