Wednesday, June 18, 2008

summer is here


it feels like summer here in kentucky.  waves of hot, humid days punctuated by rolling thunder and pouring rain.  i took this picture at our friends farm (three springs) about an hour north of our home.

our garden has been doing it's part growing wonderful food but we have been neglecting it.  as many of you know, our time has been given over to emergency repairs to our two bathrooms. 

the short story: our downstairs bathroom had been leaking horribly for many years undetected.  in addition to the causes surrounding freezing pipes each winter we discovered thoroughly rotten floor joists and wall studs (stay tuned for a more detailed photo essay). 


we are five weeks into the repair work and after enduring more than four weeks without a toilet we are pleased to announce we again have a flushing commode. 

right now Isaac and I are in Marietta with Sherry's mum.  we are visiting for a few days while waiting to pick up Sherry from the Atlanta airport.  Sherry, her dad, and her sister are in Ireland on a short trip and will return on Saturday.  Sherry's father was presenting a paper at a medical conference  in Dublin and generously brought his girls along for a special father/daughter(s) adventure.  Sounds like they are having a wonderful time.



WITWATW said...

HOORAY for a flushing loo! Glad your having a few days rest with the rellies - please give them our trip home and all that. xxxxx

Dick said...

It was great to see a new post--we were having withdrawal anxiety--since there had been none since mid-May! I know that the trip to Eruope with your Dad was great, and I know that Gregg and Isaac had some great father-son time together as well!